Kitchen Renovations or Innovations

The Kitchen is most adored rooms in the house, and it is the center of family. It can get messy when it is not renovated according to need.

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Kitchen Makeovers

Don't decide to wipe off your kitchen before visiting us as S &W Kitchens and Bathrooms can provide our professional Services.

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Bed Rooms

Tatami Storage with working area

Today the houses/ units/ appartments are too expensive so the size of bed rooms are smaller than before.

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At S & W Kitchens & Bathrooms (Bedroom Wardrobe Renovations), we encourage employing bedroom renovations.

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Bathroom and Others

Bathroom Innovation or Renovation

S & W Kitchens & Bathrooms has been a leading bathroom innovation specialist in Melbourne and outer suburbs for long time.

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Commercial Shop Fitting

Visit us at our Showroom with your floor plan or what you have in your mind with the design for a free no-obligation quote.

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Bathrooms Makeovers/ Facelifts / Remodeling

S &W Kitchens and Bathrooms can provide our professional Services. Alteration in some cabinets and replacing new Doors and Panels.

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Vinyls are welcome in domestic or commercial with wide range of color and pattern for your selection.

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Laundry Renovations

Laundry rooms are neglected when it comes to house renovations.It is work centers of family house and it is smallest room in house.

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Our Services

At S & W Kitchens & Bathrooms, Our experienced laundry renovators will design a layout which will make household work as easy as possible.

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Deck is flat surface which is capable of supporting heavy weight and similar to a floor but these are constructed outdoors

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A pergola is a landscaping architecture which is very identical to an arbor. Pergola is used more commonly.

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Roof Restoration

Request a quote to get best roof restoration in Melbourne and its suburbs at affordable price.

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DIY Service

Welcome to S & W Kitchens & Bathrooms

Our cabinets are Custom Made so we can provide Flat Pack for DIY ( Do It Yourselves ) if you want.

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